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Welcome, friends and colleagues


Hi, welcome to HEMA Celje 2017 info point.

We picked up our annual event from the shelf, where we left it in 2014 to rest a bit, and we are back!

As an exception, we allowed the event to stretch its legs and visit Ljubljana this year, nevertheless, it still belongs to Celje.

The 2017 gathering will take place on the 16th and 17th September in the gym halls of Osnovna šola Polje in Ljubljana.

The gathering is organised by the HEMA Federation of Slovenia

HEMA Celje 2017 is an international gathering of individuals, who practice HEMA.

The event is planned as a meeting ground for research, learning and exchange of HEMA. Furthermore, it offers quality presentations in the context of our rich martial heritage.

The event is not exclusive to HEMA practitioners. HEMA Celje 2017 offers a lot to everyone, who wish to take their HEMA knowledge and experience to higher theoretical, as well as practical levels.

Even non-HEMAists are very welcome! Everyone who is attracted to HEMA or keen to learn more about this part of our common European history.

Similar gatherings over the last decade have resulted in increasing attendance, which prompted us to present ever growing HEMA community to Slovenian audience.

The previous gatherings (HEMA Celje 2012, 2013, and 2014) proved that our decision was the right one - 50 people from seven countries spent a great HEMA weekend 2012, followed by over 70 people from nine countries and even a bit more a year later.


Various workshops held by internationally renowned instructors will take place over the two days of HEMA Celje 2017. Participants will have an opportunity chance to discover elements of fighting in many historically accurate ways. The programme is based on historical sources and up-to-date interpretations, as well as martially efficient approach.

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